The team at Total Lets can assist both new landlords as well as experienced landlords with vast portfolios. We let HMO’s and Single Lets whether working or students. Tenants prefer managed properties as it allows a more professional service, allowing both sides to communicate via experts in the aspects of residential lettings, removing any confusion from both sides. Our Fully Managed service is there to give you peace of mind and alleviate you of the commitment of being a full-time landlord.

Our core services:

Letting only

While we always strive to have a property let swiftly, our priority is always to maximize the earning potential of your property, and we have exceeded Landlord expectation not only with our high level of service but with the values achieved for their properties. There is a charge if you wished for us to draw up a renewal tenancy agreement but you are not obliged to have this carried out by Total Lets and are well within your rights should you decide to draw up your own renewal tenancy agreement.

Letting and fully managed

Going onto our Fully Managed Service gives you peace of mind that both your property and tenant will be cared for. We will look after the general day-to-day management and more complex issues such as emergency repairs, collection of rent and much more.



Are you fed up with monthly rental payments that end up going nowhere? They do actually go somewhere – money down the drain!

Have you just made a home for yourself in a lovely area and been told by your landlord that he wants to take his house back?

You wish you could make your home more of a home but your lease contract restricts you from making improvements – and your landlord can’t be bothered to spend any of his money making those improvements.

You’re fed up with telling your landlord that the toilet doesn’t work properly and he keeps ignoring your calls?

Each year your rent is increased and you don’t see any improvements made to the property.

Can you ever see yourself owning your own home when property prices are always moving away form you and lending opportunities become few and far between?

So you’ve had some credit problems in the past. Does that mean you are forever denied the chance of home ownership?

Will you ever be able to save enough money to get the required deposit the bank wants you to have before they give you a mortgage?

You’ve rented your current house for the last 10 years and its value has gone up from £100K to £175K. How much of that increase is yours? ZERO! How would you like all of that increase to be yours?

You’ve just turned 18 and you’ve got a good job. Next thing is to get somewhere nice to live. But you can’t get a mortgage for another 3 years. What if you could own that house NOW and then get a mortgage in 3 years to pay for it?

Tradesmen:- You can’t get a mortgage because your credit’s not the greatest. How about if you could buy a house that’s in need of some upgrading and after you have made the improvements you sell it on at £10K PROFIT, without you ever getting a bank loan to finance the purchase!

 Total Lets provides a great way to get you painlessly onto the housing ladder, quickly and with the minimum of hassle. In just a few weeks, you could be living in your ideal home – one that you will soon be buying. How?

Total Lets will help you rent your new home, with an option to buy it at an agreed date in the future. The rent to buy solution gives you the opportunity to save a deposit, improve your credit history, sort your life out or improve your employment position, while all the time living in the house you intend to buy.?

Your commitment is only for the length of your ‘Assured Short hold Tenancy’ (AST) rental agreement and is reliant on you making consistent monthly payments both for your rent and purchase savings plan, but, if for some reason your circumstances were to change and you no longer wished to proceed with the purchase you are not under any obligation to do so.

In the meantime, you can plan for the time when you make the move from tenant to homeowner, with absolute confidence. You can treat your new home as your own.



We offer landlords a Fixed Rent for their properties. Our leases are for 3-5 years and often longer and the landlord will often have rent in his/her account within 14-28 days of contacting us. How does it all work? We rent your property for a Fixed Rent and then sub-let it to our clients – local authority, professionals or students. We pay you the rent each and every month in advance (whether the property is tenanted or not) for the next 3 years and even longer if you want.

At the end of the lease we’ll give you back the property in a similar or usually a better condition than when we you give it to us.  We are happy to take any property, even if it’s in a poor condition. Our team of tradesmen will quickly redecorate or refurbish the property to ensure it is in a suitable condition.

And, as we’ll always have to keep the place in tip-top condition to ensure we’ve always got tenants, you’ll probably get your property back in better condition. It can’t be that easy, what’s the catch? Honestly, it really is that easy. Get in touch today and have the first month’s rent in your account within 14-28 days. Then sit back and enjoy a Fixed Rent for the next 3-15 years.

We take the responsibility and give you the security. Guaranteed rent is a simple and straight forward service where our experienced team will take on the pressure of managing your rental on your behalf at no cost to you. In effect we become your tenant. We guarantee that you receive a competitive fixed monthly amount, which you will receive on the same day every month regardless of whether your property is occupied or not. By using our extensive experience, we will ensure your property is maintained at a lovely living standard. Right tenants will be chosen to share your property and they will have a pleasant stay

  • Fixed guaranteed rent scheme for 3-5 years
  • Option to renew at the end of the term
  • No void periods giving you stability
  • No financial or redundancy risk affect collecting your rent
  • Payments are made by standing order or others at your preference
  • We do not charge commission fees
  • We do not charge management fees
  • We do not charge administrations fees
  • We do not hide extra charges anywhere
  • You get full rent from us with no deductions
  • Legal costs are covered by us when tenants fail to pay.
  • We will meet all the legal costs related to rent collection.
  • Your rental income will not be affected during any such period